Building a SaaS product in just 43 days have been a lot of fun, so let’s deep dive in to it!

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And just to be transparent, here is the first commit and the launch tweet of

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To get started is most of the time the most daunting task so let’s do it together, this is what we will build!

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I have been on and off using neovim for Flutter development, switching between VSCode and neovim (in the terminal). I have finally gotten to a stage where I feel like I can be just as productive but also never touch the mouse during coding..

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My setup

We start with the mindset that we have already installed neovim, if you haven’t, I recommend going to and installing that! After that is done you should now be able to create/edit a file called init.vim. …

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6 topics

There are 6 topics that I consider when choosing a framework for my web projects and I will go over them and the reason why my personal website is using NextJs.

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This is the first topic and arguably the most important one for me. Here are two examples regarding performance for my personal website and a website app I built in Flutter 10 months ago.

First we have the nextjs site which performance is outstanding and has a initial startup time in bad scenarios of 1.4 seconds.

Using Riverpod and Hooks

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms, and in this blog we are going to go over how we can make our own app that will utalize the Twitter API to make our own tweets.

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Initial Setup

  • Get your API tokens from
  • Create a Flutter Project

We are going to depend on 5 different packages, make sure to use the latest versions.

dart_twitter_api: any
dartz: any
flutter_hooks: any
hooks_riverpod: any
http: any

Setting up the environment_config.dart

This will be responsible to pass the API key’s we got from the…

Things that helped boost my productivity

Tips to boost productivity
Photo by the author.

Here are some of the tips and tricks I discovered over my three years of making Flutter applications and content. I am positive that they will improve your workflow if you don’t already know about them.

1. Use a Lot of Packages

This may seem counterintuitive, but for a lot of people, just being done with a project is the first step so that you get actual users testing out your application. Over time, when the application is published and you are getting feedback, that is when you should look over the packages and replace them with your own code to have more control.

You can…

Wouldn’t it be cool to add a newsletter signup to your Flutter web page, much like the one I have on Listwell?

This requires two parts.

Part 1: Enabling Flutter web and setting up the UI

Part 2: Enabling Cloud Functions with Mailchimp

Part 1 Flutter Web

First of we need to enable Flutter Web which you can find here

This will not feature any kind of separation of logic just to keep this as basic as possible but what we start with is creating out Card widget.


Then we will add our variables.


The design might not be what every developer likes to focus on when creating their app, but surprisingly you can easily make your design stand out with just a simple widget called CustomPaint.

If you would rather prefer watching a video for the content you can always check out the tutorial on YouTube:

Initial Setup

Let’s go ahead and create a simple project which will just be the autogenerated counter project for now and set the theme to dark so we don’t have to care about the text color.

return MaterialApp(
debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false, // Hide the debug banner

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